St. Ives in the morning
 The factory building on Porthemore Beach, 2008.
 Stitching the final parts of our flag together on the camping ground.
 We needed some additonal camping gear and bails for the flag. The owner of the local shop, that sells pretty much anything you need, was very helpful and even let us use his private tool-garage. His name is Colin Nicholls. He is also the Councillor and Mayor of St. Ives. Thank you, Mr. Nicholls.  
 On our first attempt to enter the building, we found out that it wasn't empty. It has been used by artists already.  
 The entrance on the right lead to a fully equipped painting and drawing studio. We took a live drawing class there. The teacher told us, there was a private studio in the other part of the building, owned by an artist from Wales. We planned to go visit him the next day.
 Meanwhile, we were experimenting with our newborn flag.  Sail on human post  Photograph by Helen Hagenbuch
  Flag on human post  Photograph by Helen Hagenbuch
  Conquerors cape  Photograph by Helen Hagenbuch
 At night, we hung out with the locals.  
 The artist's name in the other part of the building is Sax Impey. Many years ago, he had the same idea as Helen and I. He entered the building and has been working in there since (with official permission). He let us in his studio for a chat and we took a look at his beautiful painted seascapes. Click on the link to visit his site:
 We explained what we were doing in St. Ives with our flag. We could not get on the roof, so Sax held our flag out of the window. Referencing the hoisting we had originally intended.
 Sax with our flag.
 We were happy!  
  Rodeo wonderland   
  Wet cape  Photograph by Helen Hagenbuch
  Tent with legs
  Tired Flag.
 Going home.
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